Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mormon Movie Trivia Answers

And now the answers:

1. The Princess Bride
This is one of the greatest movies ever made. This movie is how I determine if someone is a good person. For reals. If you don't like this movie you are a disgrace to humanity. And probably a serial killer.

2. Newsies
Christian Bale. A young Christian Bale. Singing and dancing. In New York. Love it.

3. Pride and Prejudice
The Keira Knightley version, not the BBC 6 hours version. Don't get me wrong, I love Colin Firth but the actress they chose to play Jane, aka the incredibly gorgeous Bennett sister, is not attractive at all. Really not believable guys. Darcy is the perfect man. I love him. I don't care if it is a highly unobtainable ideal and it's weird to love a fictitious literary character. We WILL be together.

4. Enchanted
This movie was hilarious and a refreshing take on the average fairy tale. Well played Disney, well played.

5. Tangled
This movie is always suggested to be the Sunday movie. It always wins. I don't know why this movie is so infectious but I can seriously watch it over and over again and not get sick of it. The Peter Priesthoods love it as well.

6. The Best Two Years
The quintessential Mormon Missionary movie.

7. Sons of Provo
I first watched this in Middle school. I still know all of the lyrics to the songs and can recite them from memory. I am a sweet spirit.

8. Every Disney movie in existence.
Okay, I couldn't really find a quote that was in every movie but it had to be included and I couldn't be expected to write down every Disney movie, even though I have watched them all consistently throughout my entire life. Cuz let's be honest. We Mormons love Disney. Especially the females. Probably because most have a delusion that they are still a princess, despite being 20 and not 7 (but more on that later).

Hope you enjoyed playing.

Welcome to my life.

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  1. so umm… i've never watched Newsies.
    or Sons of Provo… and I feel like maybe I need to start repenting.
    you should help me with that.