Monday, April 22, 2013

A crying shame

Fun fact about myself: I never cry. Like ever.

and if I do, it's in the shower like a normal person. Never in public.

When people cry in public it just makes me uncomfortable. No where does this happen more often than at church.

Girls cry.
Boys cry.
You cry.
We all cry.
I DON'T cry.

Hey don't get me wrong. Contrary to popular belief (ahem mother), I do in fact, have a soul. I feel things. Very strongly at times, in fact. I have just gotten really good at suppressing these feelings. Like a boss. I do get welled up, teary eyed even, my voice may even wobble a bit but I don't actually shed a tear.

So, yesterday at church the first speaker gets up to talk. As she is walking up to the pulpit I can see that she has already begun crying.

She has yet to even utter a word. She literally is just walking up to the pulpit at that moment, already crying.

When she arrives at her destination, the first thing she does is go for the tissues and all I can think is: "Oh no. Here we go."

She then proceeded to go through the rest of her talk. Sobbing.

There were even big dramatic gasping pauses.

I just couldn't deal.

So to all of you frequent ugly public criers out there. It's fine. This is how God made you. But please try to suck it up.

Unless you can do the graceful Audrey Hepburn single tears flowing gracefully down your cheeks cry. Then that's okay. You go girl. You cry away.

Welcome to my life.

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