Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I like wearing skirts. (Caution: this is a serious post)

Oh no, a political post. But I just wanted to say a quick word about this movement that has started about petitioning the church to allow women to receive the priesthood.

I just have one thing to say to about this:

I have enough things to do already. Thanks. But no thanks.

I don't need the added responsibility of the priesthood coupled with gestating, giving birth to, and raising children. Not to mention dealing with school, a career, and running a household which includes a million other things. I'm fine with the massive amount of responsibility I am already blessed with.

I believe Men and Women were created equal in the eyes of God. I don't think equality necessarily is the same thing as being the same in absolutely everything. The divine powers we are given were divided equally between us, the creative and the priesthood powers, so that when we become one unit we can become whole. Having both powers would just be unfair and actually create an inequality among both of the genders.

I believe any one has the choice be able to believe in whatever they want and should be able to practice those beliefs. I would expect the same courtesy to be given to me.

I don't believe in petitioning the church. The church is not a political institution, it is a religious institution to house the gospel.  The Lord does things in his own time and as he sees is best for us. His laws are not swayed by the debates of man. If you don't like the way things are run here, go join another church that allows you to hold the priesthood. I like my femininity and all of the essentially female qualities that I have been blessed with. I would not trade those for any disillusionment of authority or power. I am aware of the power that I already possess in being born a woman. And I do not believe God loves me less because I cannot hold the priesthood.

I believe in this gospel and the doctrines set forth by our Prophet from our Heavenly Father. I also find comfort in a God who is unchangeable and divine and who's doctrine is not easily adapted by pieces of paper with signatures on them or picket lines.

Believe whatever you want, and I will do the same.

Welcome to my life. 

P.S. Sorry about all of the seriousness. I promise to post a funny video of a kitten or some thing in the next post.

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