Monday, April 15, 2013

YSA conference continued

I actually went to most of the activities at the YSA conference. Shocking, I know.

One of them was the Voicemale concert.

Now, apparently I missed some 5th grade assembly in my youth because I had never heard of these people yet everyone I was sitting next to could sing along to their songs.

The only way I can describe it is that Voicemale is a no instrument acapella group, like pitch perfect style, but only if your dads were in pitch perfect.

They are seriously a bunch of old guys doing cheesy choreography singing barber shop music.

Don't get me wrong they have great voices and I enjoyed it. But have you ever watched one of your parents at a talent show? It was kind of like that. You feel slightly embarrassed yet a little impressed so you just go along with it.

But the whole time I was there all I could think was, 

This is so Mormon.

A brief side note: 

When I go to concerts like this I am always bugged by something. People should never clap to the music. It is really annoying and unnecessary. I know you are excited and want to show your love to the performers by using your hands but...just don't.   Reasons being, most people can't clap on the beat so at least half of the audience is clapping on or slightly off of the off-beat and the other half is on the beat. And because you can't clap for the entire 4 minute song. It has to end sometime. and the time is always when you don't expect it, and you are the only person left clapping. Like an awkward seal.

Welcome to my life.

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