Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I need a tool.

Or several.

Like in a box.

A tool box. Full of wrenches and screwdrivers and such. Not what you were thinking was it? You dirty birds.

So my car broke down last week. I was helpless. I don't know how to fix cars. I can check my oil and fill it up with gasoline. That's about it.

My Dad has ruined my expectations and possibly the men that would ever find me as a considerable mate. My Dad knows about cars. He can fix anything. Therefore, I logically expect all men to know about cars. In reality this is not the case, apparently.

So I was car-less. It was terrible. Then without provocation one of my guy friends whips out a wrench takes out my battery and well, GETS ER DONE.

My car was fixed. I was impressed. and grateful.

Men should be able to fix things. I don't care if this is sexist. I also believe a women's place is in the kitchen and that if you can't walk in heels you need to work harder at being a woman.

Now men, realize that I don't expect you to fix everything. I am damaged beyond repair. Good luck but you won't succeed in fixing. ALL OF THIS. *gestures to self*

but you should at least know how to use a wrench all proper. Please and thank you.

Welcome to my life.

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