Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Plan B? I don't even have a plan A.

I graduate from college in a little more than a week.

10 days to be exact.

I don't have a plan.

I even more aware of this now, especially since everyone constantly asks for me to provide them with some semblance of an answer when they ask about my life.

But you know, for once in my life I'm actually okay with not having one.

This is my life I can do what ever I want.

and I want an adventure.

Maybe I will travel this summer or maybe just spend it with my family. It doesn't matter. Whatever I end up doing with my life, I know it will be fabulous.

I think eventually I would like to have a fantastic job downtown in the city, living in a chic studio apartment, going out with friends every night and meeting many interesting men.

It will be like "Sex in the City."

Except that I'm Mormon. So....

It will be more like "Celibacy until marriage in the City."

Featuring many single nights getting frozen yogurt.


Welcome to my life.

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