Monday, April 15, 2013

I live here

The other day I was talking with a few of my friends when suddenly one of them announced, speaking to me: "you just shouldn't live here. you don't belong here."

I responded, a little bemused: "well, where should I live then?"

Their reply was a hurried flurry of cities and states that eventually came to the final conclusion of: "anywhere. Except for here."

I can't say I am surprised.

I am a born and raised Utah-an. I have lived in the same city my whole life. I come from the heart of Utah county. What most people would call the "bubble." In short, it is as Mormon as it comes.

I am also Mormon. Just not your typical kind of Mormon.

People make jokes about Utah culture or "Mormon culture" all of the time and most of what they say is true when it comes to me:

I love jello and funeral potatoes
I wave like an idiot whenever I see the elders riding around on bicycles
Friday night frozen yogurt and games is a weekly thing
Most of my friends my age are married when most others are just getting to the age where they can drink
My 21st birthday meant a party at the bowling alley not a bar

Some of it is a bit off too though
Just to name a few:

I watch R rated movies
Modest is hottest? Not really, duh
I think swearing is really funny
I am not Amish
I talk about drugs and alcohol more than is appropriate despite never having used either
I don't believe BYU is "Gods School" (even if their students do)
and other stuff that I will most likely talk about later.

I have somewhat always felt like a fish out of water. The Swedish fish out of a bag of so many gold fish you could say. And most of the time I feel like everyone is taking crazy pills and I have to be the voice of reason among raving lunatics.  But despite all of the things that make Utah culture good or bad you know what?


and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This is my life.

Welcome to Mormonville.

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