Thursday, April 18, 2013

Because I work today

I work in the welcome center as a student admissions representative. Mainly, I recruit High School students to come to SUU by calling them on the phone and using my amazing persuasive powers.

After working at this job for two years, calling in and out of state students, I have come to this realization:

Utah is the home of ridiculously stupid, crazy names.

The spellings and pronunciations just don't make sense phonetically. In ANY language. It has come to a point where I refuse to call them by their given name, I've decided to just call them Ashley or Jeff. Because those are the names that a sane person would give their child.

Exhibit A-Z:

Aren't we Mormons already enough of a "peculiar people?" Don't punish the children, let's all make a commitment today to end this vicious cycle. Alright, Chazdidee?

Welcome to my life.

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  1. Dear Petey,...

    I have had this discussion with so many sane people.... and then so many insane people.. Name your child something sensible with dignity. Not name them dignity or chastity or my favorite attribute turned name... courage... i know a little boy who's legal name is courage...

    God help us all...